Offering Personal, Not ‘Personalized’ Service

Perry Family Law & Divorce Lawyer

For more than 36 years, I have helped the families of Central Georgia through stressful transitions. My goal is to help you make the decisions that will be the bedrock for your future. As a solo practitioner, I am able to provide my clients with personal, not “personalized,” legal service.

Get A Warner Robins Divorce Attorney

Divorce is difficult, but a good attorney can make a difference. Whether your marriage was 30 years old or 7 years young, whether you have significant assets in the form of retirement benefits and stock options or just want to split up the car and the condo or whether you have an empty nest or a family of children, I can help simplify the legal process and set you on a clear path forward.

I routinely handle contested and uncontested divorces. I can help you resolve issues related to:

  • Child custody and change of custody
  • Child support
  • Alimony and spousal support
  • Division of property and debts
  • Qualified domestic relations orders, division of 401ks, retirement plans, thrift saving plans, etc.

When your divorce demands to go to trial, I am highly skilled and intelligent litigator.

Through the mediation process, I can help you settle out of court, inexpensively and effectively. Mediation offers you a greater degree of control and predictability over the outcome and the ability to craft creative agreements you may not be afforded at trial.

Already have an agreement? I will draft your agreements in accord with state legal standards, set up a parenting plan and present this to the court.

Georgia divorce laws are complex. You can’t revise, remodel or “do over” your divorce. Make sure you have an attorney to see that it’s done right and see that your rights are enforced and protected.

Child Support, Support Modifications, Legitimation

Seeking child support from the parent of your child? Paying too much? Child support laws in Georgia are extraordinarily complex. I handle these cases every day.

Are you an unmarried father seeking visitation or custody of his child? Let me explain legitimation and how I can help.


While it can be a joyful time in your family’s life, adoption is also a legal process. I offer adoptive parents the experience of decades working with private agency adoptions, stepparent and grandparent adoptions. I can explain how termination of parental rights applies in some adoptions and walk you through the process.

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Call me, Steven Harrell, at 478-287-1941 or contact me online when a family law matter needs the attention of a veteran Perry, Georgia, divorce and family law lawyer.