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Handling Child Custody And Support Matters For Perry And Surrounding Communities

Issues pertaining to children are often extremely important to couples getting divorced. Whether it’s figuring out a custody or visitation schedule or determining child support payments, most parents want the process to go as smoothly as possible in order to limit the potential negative effects on their children.

30+ Years Helping Middle Georgia Resolve Child Custody, Support Matters

I am solo practitioner Steven Harrell and I have helped many parents resolve child-related matters pertaining to their divorce. During my 30 + years of practicing family law, I have handled all types of situations — both hostile and uncontested.

Litigation Or Mediation? I Handle Both.

If an experienced litigator is needed to address the matter in court, I am highly skilled and have represented thousands of clients in various courts throughout the state of Georgia as well as administrative agencies and tribunals.

I am also a registered mediator — a neutral third party who helps parties resolve family law matters outside the courtroom. Many parents often pursue alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation because it mitigates conflict, cost and time.

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If you are searching for a family lawyer to help with your child custody or support matters, call me at 478-287-1941 or contact me online.

I also assist with modifications of child support and visitation and change of custody orders.