Offering Personal, Not ‘Personalized’ Service

Establishing Custodial And Visitation Rights With Your Child

If you have fathered a child out of wedlock, at common law, you would have had no parental rights concerning that child. Fortunately, Georgia has enacted a statute that allows you as a father to obtain a court order establishing the parent/child relationship between you and your child. This is known as legitimation.

You can change the child’s last name to your surname, and you can petition the court to award you custodial and visitation rights with your child. Signing the child’s birth record alone simply establishes paternity. It will not establish the legal parent / child relationship in Georgia.

Experienced, Personal Service To Help You

I am Perry attorney Steven Harrell, and I have filed hundreds of legitimation petitions for fathers throughout Middle Georgia including Warner Robins.

Along with experience, I take pride in offering my clients individualized service. My clients meet with me and only me during every stage of the process. As your lawyer, I work hard to always find the best solution that works for you.

Complex Paternity Matters

If you are a father of a child born to a woman already married to another man, that presents a very complex legal situation—one I can certainly help with.

Typically, DNA testing is needed along with the litigation of issues in one or two different courts concerning the legal paternity of the child.

I have extensive experience handling all types of paternity and legitimation issues—both routine and complex. If you are a father and need help establishing paternity of your child, obtaining custody, visitation, I can help.

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