Offering Personal, Not ‘Personalized’ Service

I Know What You Are Facing After A Vehicle Accident

A vehicle accident happens in seconds, but may result in a lifetime of pain or disability. It can be a confusing, overwhelming experience as you try to get medical care and heal from the injuries. The situation is further complicated by trying to get the compensation you deserve from the insurance companies.

Fortunately, I am here to help individuals injured in auto accidents in Perry and the surrounding areas pursue compensation to pay for medical bills and lost wages. I will take the legal burden off of you by handling the insurance companies, doctors and your employer. You can rely on me for compassionate, knowledgeable representation throughout your case, whether we resolve it outside of court or at trial.

Handling Auto Accident Claims For Three Decades

I am attorney Steven Harrell, and I have extensive experience handling all facets of auto accident recovery. I help injured parties and their families in Middle Georgia obtain compensation for car accident injuries and other personal injuries. I also handle wrongful death lawsuits for family members who have lost loved one in auto accidents involving:

  • Cars and passenger vehicles
  • Semis, delivery trucks and other commercial vehicles
  • Pedestrians
  • Bicyclists and motorcyclists
  • Drunk or distracted drivers

Mediation Representation In Car Accident Cases

I am a registered mediator, having negotiated countless settlements with many insurance carriers. Alternative dispute resolution methods, like mediation, help individuals resolve matters in a cost-effective, more efficient manner outside of court. They often result in a higher net settlement to the injured party as well.

However, if mediation isn’t right for your situation, I have litigated many cases and possess extensive trial experience. To learn more about my background and experience, click here.

Let’s Talk Today So I Can Begin Helping You

If you wish to schedule a consultation to talk with me about how I can help you recover for injuries related to your truck wreck or car collision, call my firm, Steven Harrell, Attorney at Law, at 478-287-1941. You can also send me an email. Your consultation is free.